03–LCN Magazine

A photographic journal shining a light on the colourful side of London's grey reputation

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Konica Minolta is a Japanese tech company who specialise in state of the art print systems. Each year they tour North America with printed materials to show off their capabilities.

I was asked to create something different from their conventional print samples with a focus on colour. With print becoming highly prized again I decided on an editorial solution that would look at colour in unexpected places.
I curated a photographic journal of London, a city renowned for it’s rich culture but somewhat grey colour. A mix of traditional subject matter and abstract compositions depict this alternate palette of London. The masthead of each issue is foil blocked to complement the cover.
Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide
Creative Direction: Jonathan Bates
Art Direction: Ryan Hurley
Copywriter: Bertie Ager
Design: Ryan Hurley