A brand identity for Pride Month and beyond. Honouring athletes* who uplift the LGBTQIA+ community and use their voices for change

Visual Identity
Art Direction
Global Style Guide
Retail Design

BETRUE started as a grassroots effort led by Nike employees seeking to build a community diverse in orientation, identity and expression focused on initiatives to advance equality in sport. Since 2012, Nike has provided $2.7 Million to support LGBTQIA+ causes.
The initiative was gaining traction year on year so the task was set to create a cohesive brand identity with a flexible language for retail and campaigns. The movements manifesto of ‘Move the world forward’ provided the concept on adapting geographic customisation.
The bold typography is unequivocally Nike and is offset against the vibrant Gilbert Baker rainbow flag. For the launch I designed a poster campaign using reflective materials and print techniques reinforcing the positive initiative.
Agency: Hotel Creative
Creative Director: Mitch Crook
Art Direction: Ryan Hurley
Design: Ryan Hurley
Film: Matt Lambert