12–Nike SB x SLS

Helping fans connect with their favourite professional skaters at the Street League Skateboarding New Jersey Finals

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Spatial Design

Street League Skateboarding is an international competition in skateboarding. Featuring 25 professional street skateboarders competing for the largest dollar prize in the history of skateboarding.

Nike SB sponsored the New Jersey final at the Prudential Centre. To connect the thousands of fans with their favourite skateboarders I designed a poster for each of the 9 Nike SB athletes competing in this years event. The tagline line ‘Can’t turn it off’ provided the tone the design would adopt.
15,000 posters were placed on seats inside the arena so fans could use them to show support for each skater capture autographs as a memento of the occasion. Using angular patterns and vibrant colours for each athlete I incorporated their names using a bold modular typography. The design was integrated into the pop-up skate park and used as branding throughout the event.
Agency: Hotel Creative
Creative Direction: Mitch Crook
Art Direction: Ryan Hurley
Design: Ryan Hurley