01–The Life Prize

A brand identity for a radical billion-dollar initiative to wipe out TB, a global pandemic that kills three people every minute

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Typeface Design
Web Design

The Life Prize is a partnership of scientific organisations awarding prizes upfront to TB researchers. This revolutionary funding system encourages organisations to help join the fight.

Treating TB is complex and involves a mix of drugs for different types of patients around the world. The Life Prize concept pools all data with researchers and scientists collaborating to find the cure for TB. This process of discovery has inspired the concept for the brand identity: The perfect combination.
This animation shows Tuberculosis being defeated by The Life Prize a playful way to help describe the discovery of the perfect combination of funders, scientists and drugs that will unite to cure the disease. The custom typeface is drawn using a grid from the geometric shape symbolising the scientific change that’s about to occur.
Agency: No One Right Answer
Creative Director: Alex Parrott
Art Direction: Ryan Hurley
Design: Ryan Hurley
Animation: Andrea Braga